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  • Sunday 4 September 2022

    How to deal with overly amorous arachnids, more talk about food, and a hint of sarcasm! No, really?

  • Sunday 28 August 2022

    This week, moodswings, doggy doo left in your manbag, and how do you keep your batteries fresh?

  • Sunday 21 August 2022

    Sunday Late & "Lurve" as Eric and Marge get it on, medieval medicines and some more BOGOF Showbiz!

  • Sunday 14 August 2022

    We're talking mist diffusing, oscillating fan troubles and how fruity balls cause an issue!

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Sunday 9th May 2021

The team are back in full swing with music laughter and chat, tackling lots of punny business names, bringing all the entertainment gossip and of course...the return of our favourite topic - the Banana Candle Cake!

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Sunday 16 May 2021

This week we talked about Eurovision and lots of food, including the rights and wrongs of Chocolate Cheese!

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