About Us

How It All Began

Summer 2020

During the first lockdown, the “Lockdown Late Show” was born, bringing conversation, help, advice, laughter and feelgood songs to the nation.

The show ran for 10 weeks from 4th May to 9th July – Monday to Thursday 10pm to Midnight. Airing on 22 Community, Small Scale DAB and Online Radio stations around the UK, radio professionals and experts gave their time voluntarily to help lift the spirits of a populace struggling to cope with the effects of Coronavirus.

The shows success always meant that it was just a matter of time before the team would reassemble – the Marvel Avengers of the airwaves if you will, but not rocking the spandex quite so well!

What's It All About?

The Message

Les developed the idea of both shows after his own mental health struggles and (especially seeing how it affected so many people both during and after the Lockdowns) wanted to give something back to help others take their minds off their own issues, just for a little while.

Which is why the ethos behind every show is laughter – such an important emotion! 

Having said that….we can’t believe we get away with so much meaningless tat!!

Sunday Late & Live Facts

Our Impressive Legacy

The team pride themselves in spending next to no time preparing for each show, resulting in some eye watering statistics...

Tat Stories Delivered
100 +
Gins Consumed
800 +
On Air Blunders
Sunday Late & Live

The Team

Les Gunn


Les Gunn

Nicknamed “funny Gunny”.
“Gunny” is obvious, not sure about the rest…

Jess Eatock


Jess Eatock

She can always be relied upon to use twenty words when only one would have been sufficient…

Colin Bray


Colin Bray

Billionaire playboy and swimwear model – are just two things Colin’s never been…

Simon Harding


Simon Harding

So obsessed with Eurovision that he rates everything in life from nul to douze points…

What People Are Saying About Sunday Late & Live

After Several Drinks!

If your radio station likes the show, and your values of tat and next to no planning align with ours, then why not contact us to get the show on your station?
I mean, its better than automation…..marginally!